5 Signs It’s Time For A Website Redesign

Your website is a digital billboard for your business. That means it’s actively communicating who you are, what you do, and how you serve your community. You’ll hear me say this many more times in the future, but your website is always a work in progress. Wondering when you’ll need a website refresh?

Outdated Information

Change is one of the only constant things in life. Has your business location changed? Need new brand photos for your site? This is information that should reflect on your website and throughout your branded items. You do not want to be reeling your clients with old information.

Mobile Responsiveness

It cannot be emphasized enough. More than 70% of searches & website visits come from our smartphones. Bounce rates & responsiveness are closely related because it focuses on increasing conversion rates.

Archaic Design & Interface

Just like fashion, web design trends are in seasons and keep getting better. Gone are the days of bad colors and boring texts. Web design has morphed into the era of modernized design and a minimalistic feel. If your website looks like it was left in the 90s, let’s update that dinosaur before it’s too late!

User Experience

A website that loads endlessly is the easiest way to annoy and lose a potential visitor. We often say that the human attention rate is declining, but let’s be real. We pay attention to things that catch our eye with ease. Making people jump through hurdles is a bad user design, which makes a seamless user experience much more of a priority.

No leads or conversions

If you have not received leads from your website in a while, it’s important to ask yourself if your website copy is doing its job. Your words should solve problems, not create confusion. It could also be as simple as broken links that are causing inquiry emails to not be received.

I can understand the frustration of having a website that feels like constant work, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Not having the time or lacking creativity shouldn’t keep you from creating the website that you love. Click here to inquire today!

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